About Us

Who We Are

MAPULA Swim is a local swimwear brand founded by Karabo M. With every design named after women who have had an impact on her life, and the brand itself being named after her mother, MAPULA Swim aims to embolden the everyday African womxn; encouraging her to stand firm and tall in her sense of being. With that confidence bringing MAPULA womxn together, they will come
together to forge an authentic, diverse community that can all belong to – a tribe. 

MAPULA Swim’s colour way seek to pay homage to the founder’s love for nature, earth and Africanism; but most importantly, it tells a story about her origins – Limpopo. As much as life regularly throws us curveballs and we are often forced to experience the odd lows before the highs, why not wear a MAPULA Swim bikini and turn that into an empowering, beautifying moment?

Overall, our mission is to build an all-inclusive brand, banding womxn of every size, colour, creed and gender identification together and collectively living and loving our truth, bodies and ideals that say, “screw conforming – I am my own beauty standard”


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